Alrighty my lovelies here is the deal.

I’m going to create a separate email, separate blog, and all that nonsense for eagerbones.

Right now, currently, eagerbones is a side blog. My main blog is floralmantis (which I post lots of random stuff on).

I’m going to make another tumblr account for eagerbones.

I’m still going to be eagerbones, though. So no confusion there. 

I’ll have to call this blog old-eagerbones or something.

I’m going to repost everything instead of reblogging it all so I can to it more efficiently and organized. 

I’ll post more information later.

I really hope all of my pretty followers can transition with me, bear with me please!

I’ve just wanted to make eagerbones more official and all of that. Bones are taking over my life.

Things I found while out walking.

Butterfly, wasp thing. Two more tree galls. 

An old luna moth wing. A piece of wood to maybe help display skulls.

Leaf, flowers to press, a cool bottle. Shotgun shell. Turkey feather. A big flower puff thing.

Magnolia bloom thing.

Some weird nut thing or possibly a gall?

Omg so I saw this neat thing where you preserve bugs in hand sanitizer. HOW NEAT IS THAT THEY LOOK AMAZING. But I read that they should be dried out before hand OR preserved in alcohol for a while.

look how frickin fancy I can be

this is what we do
we are the boners

this is what we do

we are the boners

So here is the bucket I have that is plum full of deer vertebrae. For some reason I’m having a hard time cleaning them up. 

I’m going to put them in the de-greasing stage. Also scrub them real good.

Heavy breathing.





oh my god I like freaked out I love it so much everything is so perfect and she gave me some random cow teeth that I adore oh em gee.

Trading this opossum for a coyote tail! She was my first skull find. I’ll miss her <3 Take care of her okay ;v;